Is there an address where I can send you stuff? Can I interview you? The reason we can't do these shoutouts is pretty simple: Also, don't try and find our houses, because that totally creeps us out. Project for Awesome - A yearly charity fundraiser that uses the power of YouTube to do good.

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It was turned into a movie! Wondrously, many nerdfighters have a birthday every single day, and if we wish ONE friend a happy birthday, then we will have to wish many more friends a happy birthday, and then eventually our lives will become this weird Kafka-esque descent into full-time hour-a-day happy-birthday-wishing, and our families will feel neglected and wonder why we never wish THEM a happy birthday, and we'll stop making vlogbrothers video and it will be totally tragic. VidCon - The world's largest conference for people who make, support, and love online video. Why haven't you covered issue X in a Vlogbrothers video? These are our actual addresses that we actually use for every-day correspondance, so please don't spam us. It is possible that you'd like to ask some questions that we've answered in the FAQ below. That is frankly kind of terrifying and makes us particularly the half of us with social anxiety feel like we are endangering the privacy and well-being of our families, which is not a good feeling. Please do not visit us at home or try to figure out where we live or send us creepy stuff in the mail. There are too many of them. We don't have much time to collaborate at the moment, sadly. Your mom is, indeed, great! Again, there are many worthy causes, and we can only discuss and support a few of them. Whether you're doing a middle-school project, a graduate thesis, or a front-page spread for the New York Times, the answer is the same. Project for Awesome - A yearly charity fundraiser that uses the power of YouTube to do good. Plus, there are a lot of things that interest us, but there are also of course some things that don't interest us. But it should be noted that we do not reply to snail mail. And so was Paper Towns! There are no exceptions to this rule. Can I interview you? We do not even reply to snail mail from our mom. We do not have mailing addresses, sorry. If we don't respond, it's simply because we don't have time, and we do feel a bit bad about it. When it comes to news stories, we tend not to discuss stories that we feel the news media in the US is adequately covering. The vlogbrothers channel is not an attempt to be an encyclopedic examination of the universe. Is there an address where I can send you stuff? But what is your home address?

2 lesbien girls having sex

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2 lesbien girls having sex

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