However, not all NFE graduates continue on to secondary school. Poverty is a big threat to primary education. NGO-run schools differ from other non-government private schools. Different NGOs pursue different policies regarding recruitment of teachers. Students also have to complete all the courses from the General Education System. The style of management differs depending upon differences in policies pursued by different NGOs. Bangladesh has recently opened English version schools Bangladesh translating board textbooks in English. Now even national curriculum books from class 5 to class 12 are distributed freely among all students and schools.

Bangladesh sylhet girl

Five of them are general universities, while one specializes in science and technology. Very few NGOs, however, impart education for the full five-year primary education cycle. However, not all NFE graduates continue on to secondary school. Religion and education[ edit ] Literacy rate[ edit ] Bangladesh has one of the lowest literacy rates in Asia, estimated at Six private universities are located in Chittagong Division. One, called the "Quomi" Madrasah system is privately owned and funded [9] and is run according to the Deobandi system of Islamic education, which rejects the rational sciences. The Madrasah Education Board covers religious education in government-registered Madrasahs in the secondary level. Different NGOs pursue different policies regarding recruitment of teachers. However, in recent years some progress has been made in trying to fix this problem. Education expenditure as percentage of GDP[ edit ] Public expenditure on education lies on the fringes of 2 percent of GDP with a minimum of 0. After passing successfully, they can further enroll for another 2 years to obtain a "Kamil" level degree. In the Madrasah Education System there are two systems: The number of seats available in colleges is less than the number of students who want to enroll, and the number of seats available in universities is also less than the number of students who passed higher secondary level and want to join in a university. Another 12 universities has been approved by UGC recently but yet to start operation. English Medium schools are mainly private schools where all the courses are taught in English except one Bengali Language subject at ordinary level O Level. Besides, the cost of education is increasing day by day, as a result many students are unable to afford it. The educational system of Bangladesh faces several problems. The second important sector is the rich tribal life of Chittagong hill tracts where over than 13 indigenous groups forming a luminous cultural landscape on the hilly topography, the ancient ruins of Mohasthangarh, Paharpur, Moinamati, Salban Bihar, the folkart tradition of Sonargoan of BC are the most important tourist attractions. Students can go for further general education and earn a university degree. But nowadays, some NGO schools are operating into places where there are both private and government schools. These examinations are conducted under the supervision of the British Council in Bangladesh. The only private university in Rajshahi Division has its campus in Bogra. Tour Operator In Bangladesh Dhaka Holidays Welcomes You To Bangladesh An invitation to a golden adventure — The destination of nature loving tourist of the world A land of unspoiled nature, rich cultural heritage and exotic beauty, Bangladesh is considered as one of the most potential country for eco-tourism among the South Asian countries. NGO-run schools differ from other non-government private schools. The Bangladesh education board has taken steps to leave such practices in the past and is looking forward to education as a way to provide a poverty-stricken nation with a brighter future.

Bangladesh sylhet girl

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Bangladesh sylhet girl

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