For it was not to reward Antonio Maria Claret for his pious achievements that he forcibly had been made Primate Archbishop of the island. This, despite the fact that to do so incurred excommunication and, furthermore, that most Spaniards were vehemently opposed to such an outrage against the Vicar of Christ. Antonio was preaching in a jammed church in Serreal when the devil dislodged a large stone from the main arch, causing the supporting structure to collapse and fall on the very center of the crowd. I wonder, too, how the laity, men and women who have the Faith, can help crying out. From the cross I hope to come down, not by my own hands, but at the hands of others after I have finished my sacrifice. The physiognomical argument, however, was wittily countered by another from his superior: Many had never received the Sacrament of Confirmation!

Claret meaning

While there, the Pope announced that an ecumenical council would be convened at the Vatican on December 8 of that year. Anthony Claret was a renowned apostle — one to be compared to no lesser figure than Saint Francis Xavier. The Father General of the Society, understanding this as a sign that the novice was not called to be a Jesuit, advised him to return to Catalonia. God has made this known to me. His only concern is how he can best follow Jesus Christ and imitate Him in working, suffering, and striving constantly and single-mindedly for the greater glory of God and the salvation of souls. Yet, his vocational detour to the Society of Jesus had not been without purpose. Heretical creeds being widely propagated in the country were destroying Catholic values and morals by sheer default on the part of the Catholics. Chaptalization is permitted, and is fairly common-place. This is typically referred to as the "Bordeaux Blend". He also undertook an ambitious program to build tuition-free schools, hospitals, orphanages, homes for the elderly, and other similar institutions. It had its joys in the tireless and constant preaching of the Faith and the conversion of countless souls. And it gave him broader opportunity to catechize as well as to minister to hospital and prison inmates work he lovingly had performed back in Sallent whenever administrative duties allowed the time. It was for this reason that Saint Anthony Mary Claret was persecuted. An old adage in Bordeaux is the best estates can "see the river" from their vineyards. In the past, this was counteracted by the widespread use of pesticides, although the use of natural methods has recently been gaining in popularity. From his absolute faith in the Virgin Queen, whom he regarded as the real Foundress and Superioress, as well as from his faith in those confreres who would perseveringly devote their entire selves to Her Immaculate Heart. It is He Who gives the call; and it is not for me to introduce unworthy [pastors] into flocks they will devour rather than feed. For, in reality, they simply did not want to be constrained by a precise definition of an immutable truth. Every day for several weeks one merciless shock followed another — sometimes as many as five in a day in a siege of terror that left no structure spared of devastation. Claret did, in fact, stop at least one erupting tremor by pressing his holy hand to the ground. Deciding to utilize the time by making a retreat, therefore, he presented himself to the Jesuit Fathers for guidance in the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius Loyola. Still the Missioner… The duties of being Archbishop of Santiago did drastically alter the apostolic labors of Antonio Maria Claret — not to diminish them, but vastly to increase them. The good God does the same with His children who are sleeping in their sins. In a flash, Torres thrust a dagger at the throat of the saint, whose lifted hand and bent head fortunately deflected the deadly blade from its mark. More than once it is recorded that Antonio Claret traveled considerable distances across snow in little time without leaving any trail. I ought not to abandon the Libreria Religiosa and the congregation which had just come into existence. For it was not to reward Antonio Maria Claret for his pious achievements that he forcibly had been made Primate Archbishop of the island.

Claret meaning

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Claret meaning

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    A logical adjunct to the work of the Religious Library was the Academy of Saint Michael, a lay apostolate to be founded by Saint Anthony Mary Claret some years later, to encourage, subsidize, and promote Catholic literature and art. I wonder, too, how the laity, men and women who have the Faith, can help crying out.


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