Just a few days before the fire, Linda and her sister had resolved to sort through it all. When the fire reached Hemlock Street, the couple fled with nothing but the clothes on their backs. It wasn't until after 2 a. Stacey offers her bathroom to anyone who needs one. Their daughter was knocking on their bedroom door. She thinks about 25 homes remain in the whole subdivision. He and his wife bought the house 10 years ago.

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The family took all three cars. Huge chunks of flaming wood were landing in his backyard. Over the years, each owner had tweaked and renovated. Soon, she hit standstill traffic. The basketball hoop her sons had grown up with was still in the frontyard, one of the only things left standing on her property. Their big freezer in the garage now was the size of a microwave. They lived at By sunrise, this block of ranch-style homes that neighbors had worked so hard to care for was gone. The fires didn't look close. When she picked through the wreckage of what had been her home, she found nothing worth salvaging. Patrick, 38, recently started a plumbing company. They planted Japanese maples in their gardens, put bay windows in their living rooms, renovated their kitchens and added granite counters. Monday Video provided by Veronica Darrimon "We didn't really realize that we were evacuating and evacuating for good," Veronica said. The night of the fire, Jimmy and his wife, Jennifer, escaped with little more than their dogs. Will insurance companies come through? Now she sees only one. The officer shouted through a megaphone, telling people to leave, but his siren was off. After the fire, an eerie quiet blanketed the neighborhood, broken only by the buzz of helicopter blades. She was a real estate agent by trade. They went outside, where they smelled smoke and saw embers falling from the sky. As the smoke thickened, a police car drove by, with an officer on a megaphone calling out with urgency: They both grew up in Santa Rosa and wanted to start their life together in their hometown. He thought the rest of his belongings would be waiting at home for him when he returned. When Kevin returned days later, everything he owned was gone. Dan rushed outside in a T-shirt and underwear and began frantically dousing the house and property with a garden hose.

Coffey chat

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Coffey chat

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