The best part of all is that when your display is switched out, either due to Ctrl-Alt-Del or a full-screen exclusive app starting, DirectX goes nuts. Video codecs that support multi-pass modes, such as DivX, are not affected by the problem as they are not fed frames except during an actual render to disk. Unfortunately, no one seems to have bothered to ever define the YV12 format properly in this regard, and thus we have massive confusion. Where the codec screws over applications is for formats that either a aren't accepted by any currently installed codec, or b are secondary formats that a codec handles besides its primary format, such as YUY2. It does compute a more precise filter, however. If you are experiencing this problem, drop the priority of the Creative MP3 codec in Control Panel so that the Fraunhofer codec activates instead. For those of you that want to experiment with it, there is a new "samplefilter" project in the VirtualDub source code. Seeing as though image stretching is a subset of texture mapping where U and V are constrained to X and Y, respectively, it seems perfect for this task. Regular MPEG-1 streams shouldn't trigger the bug.

Ffxi sucks

These problems have been mostly cleared up now but occasionally you still hear about someone's glTexGen goofing up. In the specific case of AMD64 x , it appears that most of the gains come from the increased number of registers, compared to the IA architecture. Tanenbaum, Modern Operating Systems Feature-wise, 1. I've been racking my brain trying to bring this one below nine passes, but I haven't come up with anything other than the method above that didn't work. The "automatic translation" ability in the game is rather useless, as you have to choose from an incomplete list of phrases, and the menus that display the phrases are far too small so they all ellipsize "Are you For those of you who have already pushed audio through 1. Dumb Dumb compiler bugs I dropped the older KB entries, but they're basically redundant with the change log in VirtualDub. Hardware acceleration is good! All I'll say is that the current GPU situation bears an awful lot of similarities to the Pentium 4 vs. Compressed sample decoding isn't quite right and the ADSR envelopes are bogus, but the melody is there and the instruments are recognizable. Given four points xn, yn in original image space, we need to derive a 3x3 matrix transform that produces four homogeneous points xn', yn', wn' that map to the NDC space corners. Another is error control -- you can now tell VirtualDub to attempt to work around decode errors rather than bombing the whole operation. That's true of both the standard Windows codec dialog acmFormatChoose and VirtualDub's custom dialog. Well, I finally got a chance to debug against that blasted "Grand Tech Camera Codec" that's been crashing all over the place, trying to decompress formats that belong to other codecs. Video codecs that support multi-pass modes, such as DivX, are not affected by the problem as they are not fed frames except during an actual render to disk. DirectDraw does not support color conversion in any way, however, which means that in some cases it can be beaten by a well-optimized GDI driver for 1: I'm surprised it took this long to find out the cause. The tunnel code leaks reference counts on the tunneled objects and this causes the corresponding files to stay locked in read-only mode until the process dies This wouldn't be much of a problem except apparently the two headers are referenced in interesting ways through other header files and I've found it's very easy to produce a project that links on VC6 and doesn't link on VC7. In fact, echo is quite lame, because it doesn't support escapes, or any way to suppress the newline that it prints. I've been playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for a while now and have come to a conclusion: I should know, since I've written software 3D rasterizers and know intimately how triangle rasterization and supersampling work. Both the video codec search and video compression dialogs trigger it even if I'm not trying to use the DivX codec. OpenGL is the same speed as DirectDraw at 2. I hate people who don't do due diligence before spamming their question across eight forums and my email address. And finally, on most hardware you only get a single overlay, which means they can't be relied on for general image display.

Ffxi sucks

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Ffxi sucks

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