We discussed that and Bill [Finger] and I never wanted to change it at that time. The Joker has used venom since his debut; only he knows the formula, and is shown to be gifted enough to manufacture the toxin from ordinary household chemicals. The flower in his lapel sprays acid, and his hand often holds a lethal joy buzzer conducting a million volts of electricity, although both items were introduced in as harmless joke items. He wrote the script of that, so he really was co-creator, and Bob and I did the visuals, so Bob was also. As the show's popularity waned, however, so did that of the Batman comics.

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Although Quinn loves the Joker, he is obsessed with Batman and uses her to achieve his goals at her expense. The most common interpretation of the character is that he is disguised as the criminal Red Hood, and pursued by Batman. When the supervillain then tries to destroy the universe, his reluctance to eliminate Batman makes him lose control, and Superman defeats him. His resulting disfigurement led him to adopt the name "Joker", from the playing card figure he came to resemble. The backlash was inspired by Frederic Wertham , who hypothesized that mass media especially comic books was responsible for the rise in juvenile delinquency , violence and homosexuality, particularly in young males. Alternative versions of Joker A number of alternate universes in DC Comics publications allow writers to introduce variations on the Joker, in which the character's origins, behavior, and morality differ from the mainstream setting. Art by Neal Adams. He wrote the script of that, so he really was co-creator, and Bob and I did the visuals, so Bob was also. Jerry Robinson came to me with a playing card of the Joker. He said he created the character as Batman's larger-than-life nemesis when extra stories were quickly needed for Batman 1, and he received credit for the story in a college course: At first it didn't look much like the Joker. We discussed that and Bill [Finger] and I never wanted to change it at that time. He wanted an exotic, enduring character as an ongoing source of conflict for Batman similar to the relationship between Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty , designing a diabolically sinister-but-clownish villain. Jerry Robinson had absolutely nothing to do with it, but he'll always say he created it till he dies. I cut the picture out of the book and gave it to Bob, who drew the profile and gave it a more sinister aspect. When I arrived he was holding a playing card. Oracle, a data gatherer and superhero informant, who has her revenge in Birds of Prey by shattering the Joker's teeth and destroying his smile. A Serious House on Serious Earth explores the psychoses of Batman, the Joker and other rogues in the eponymous facility. He has his fateful first meeting with Batman, which results in his disfigurement. Despite this body count, he is always found not guilty by reason of insanity and sent to Arkham Asylum, avoiding the death penalty. This enables him to create a new personality every day depending on what would benefit him and explains why, at different times, he is a mischievous clown or a psychopathic killer. Although he murdered thugs and civilians, he never fought Batman; this made The Joker a series in which the character's villainy prevailed over rival villains, instead of a struggle between good and evil. Although they have a friendly partnership in 's World's Finest Comics 88, later unions emphasized their mutual hostility and clashing egos. However, when he tries to poison the UN membership, he is defeated by Batman and Superman. He said that the name came first, followed by an image of a playing card from a deck he often had at hand: Asked why he came to Metropolis, the Joker replies simply: I got a call from Bob Kane

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Free cartoon character sex videos

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