What are u doing. But I stopped her and made her stand. Mom was feeling shy and was breathing heavily. While cleaning freezer of the fridge, Ravi handed a bowl with cold juice from freezer. I slid my hand between her legs. I bent down and buried my face into her pussy.

Free tamil mom son sex story

I hope you liked my fantasy story; I will wait for any feedback to shra. Are you happy kids? I winked at Ravi, who smiled at me. She told that she will change in her room and come. Her pussy smelled good I continued to lick her clit. So remove the saree. I handed her the towel. I loved the feel of her boobs in my palm. I slid a finger up into her cunt. There is nothing wrong in it. Mom looked into my eyes and smiled. Mom continued to ride me while Ravi watched. We both moaned loudly and took in the excitement of what just happened. Mom excused us and went into the kitchen as she had some work left undone. As he stepped forward and knelt beside us she took his cock in her hands and started jerking him off and then took his cock in her mouth and started sucking it while jumping up and down on my cock. I flicked my tongue over her nipple until it was rock hard and then sucked it into my mouth. Mom stepped out of the skirt, covered herself completely with towel and turned around. It feels so good. Are you alone at home? Ravi stood behind Mom and placed his hands on her waist area which was covered in towel. I want to feel both your cocks in me at the same time. Ravi took things which Mom handed him. I started getting a hard on, so I released my mom from my arms and started helping Ravi who had started cleaning the freezer. Can you both help me with that? Your blouse is still wet; you will catch fever and suffer later. She started handing things from the fridge.

Free tamil mom son sex story

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Free tamil mom son sex story

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