The population of Pons Aelius then is estimated at 2, The Grainger Market is a covered market built to house the traders displaced during the re-modelling of the city. A new Chinese arch, or paifang , providing a landmark entrance, was handed over to the city with a ceremony in In , the Scots then captured the reinforced fortification on the Lawe in South Shields following a siege. The ground beneath the city is formed from Carboniferous strata of the Middle Pennine Coal Measures Group—a suite of sandstones , mudstones and coal seams which generally dip moderately eastwards. Durham's inland, less urbanised setting results in night-time temperature data about 1 degree cooler than Newcastle proper throughout the year. In the s, about 7, out of 20, inhabitants of Newcastle died of plague , more than one-third of the population.

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Newcastle upon Tyne shares the same latitude as Copenhagen, Denmark and southern Sweden. Stairs from the riverside to higher parts of the city centre and the extant Castle Keep , originally recorded in the 14th century, remain intact in places. Towards the western end is the city's popular Gay District known locally as the Pink Triangle. The Grainger Market is a covered market built to house the traders displaced during the re-modelling of the city. Behind it is Leazes Park that leads to Spital Tongues. The raids caused deaths and injuries. The opening was celebrated with a grand dinner attended by guests, and the Laing Art Gallery has a painting of this event. Haymarket[ edit ] Newcastle Civic Centre, Haymarket Haymarket is the northern edge of the city centre bordered by Spital Tongues and Jesmond to the north west and north east respectively. Richard Grainger was said to 'have found Newcastle of bricks and timber and left it in stone'. The exhibition describes the story of the north of England through its innovators, artists, designers and businesses. View of Newcastle City Centre from Gateshead. The federal structure of the University of Durham was dissolved. The phrase taking coals to Newcastle was first recorded contextually in C , and St James Metro station , named after the main road running through the area. Central Station[ edit ] Newcastle railway station , or locally known as Central station, is surrounded by an assortment of bars and clubs. This monopoly, which lasted for a considerable time, helped Newcastle prosper and develop into a major town. In the southeastern corner is Exhibition Park , which contains the only remaining pavilion from the North East Coast Exhibition of Anglo-Saxon and Norman[ edit ] After the Roman departure from Britain , completed in , Newcastle became part of the powerful Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Northumbria , and was known throughout this period as Monkchester. The spring time dawn chorus at 55 degrees latitude has been described as one of the best in the world. Durham's inland, less urbanised setting results in night-time temperature data about 1 degree cooler than Newcastle proper throughout the year. Close, Sandhill and Quayside contain modern buildings as well as structures dating from the 15th—18th centuries, including Bessie Surtees House , the Cooperage and Lloyds Quayside Bars, Derwentwater House and House of Tides, a restaurant situated at a Grade I-listed 16th century merchant's house at 28—30 Close. The Theatre Royal is situated on Grey Street. The Newcastle and Gateshead Quaysides are now a thriving, cosmopolitan area with bars, restaurants and public spaces. Businesses include [1] and various law firms in Citygate and the recently built Time Central, a Sainsbury local store, fish and sandwich shops. As a tourist promotion, Newcastle and Gateshead have linked together under the banner " NewcastleGateshead ", to spearhead the regeneration of the North-East. Narrow alleys or ' chares ', most of which can only be traversed by foot, still exist in abundance, particularly around the riverside. The pavilion is now being used as a microbrewery and concert venue for Wylam Brewery.

Gay newcastle upon tyne

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Gay newcastle upon tyne

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