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Plant trees to save lives

As we expected during SEY RINPOCHE’s trip in France, we have been able to go in PANGUI’s area in August, to carry this project out.
The project was initially brought up with his holiness SEY RINPOCHE last year and this for two main reasons:

  • The global warming increases significantly the rainfall in this area which affects   directly on the snowfalls in the winter.
  • Mountains sides are extremely abrupt around populated areas and were dedicated to bests grazing. However, today, these areas appear to be favorable to avalanches when great snowfalls come.

Unfortunately, during 2009/2010 winter, feared conditions have been brought together and destroyed several hamlets of UNAR.
Because of the water floods, the road has been cut during 20 days forcing us to wait for the end of the month.
WE have been rewarded for our efforts because the success of this project is behind all expectations. Indeed, if we originally suggested “1 euro for 1 tree”, the interest in the project from the villagers is so important that they decided to plant themselves the trees. Finally, the cost has been much lower than expected and we have been able to do more.
Thanks to your donations, this year, up to 8600 trees will be planted and even more next year!
In addition, two more villages asked for our help and we planned to visit them and carry out, if we can, a new project.

2010’s action


This summer, the first village we have been in is SURRAL. It is divided in 3 hamlets and incorporates the GOMPA built by APO RINPOCHE.
When his holiness SEY RINPOCHE explained to the villagers the project’s purpose and that the money comes from the Eastern Europe, greetings and joy were present and deeply touching. This help coming from so far away, really pleased them.
When he visited, SEY RINPOCHE had, whit the collective agreement, moved the KILLAR’s GOMPA project to SURRAL where the future retreat center will be build.
 We centralized the plantation where the highest danger was. This way, in addition of the houses, the future retreat center and GOMPA are protected by a pack of trees up to 1OO meters wide and 1 kilometer deep.
The first tree has been put in earth on August the 29th and came with prayers. On this occasion, we have been pleasantly surprised to see the mayor joining us. None the less he asked himself to be present but he promised his material support in case of success. His interest in ecology has been unexpected and is encouraging for the future.


In the meantime, we visited another village called UNAR. This one is, as well, at the bottom of the valley, 4000 meters high. It has been last winter victim of an avalanche which sadly caused five deaths among the villagers. It also totally destroyed the public school and all the houses on the East and West side of the hamlet. Despite the fact that they rebuilt a couple of habitations on the same site, we saw all the ruins remaining visible.
Here, the first trees planted have been brought whit prayers and LUNGTA (prayer flag). The losses on the top of this hamlet have been and still are the priority. Thereby, we started this year to plant a pack of trees up to 200 meters wide and 2 kilometers long. It will be necessary, next year, to finish this when we will have enough founds.


We will have to finish the project on top of UNAR, and then two more villages need to be protected. However, the GOMPA does not seem to be in danger.
His holiness SEY RINPOCHE wants to thank you all! He has been pleasantly surprised by the generosity to this Buddhist area where the first road has been built in the 90th.  
We will keep you posted on the project’s progress.
Thank you all!

Sey Rinpoche