And you love who I am too. Amanda i give it a 10 cuz it is unique nd she is baring her soul nd i think it is amazing Mari this poem is beautiful i can definatley relate to it. This poem makes me think of him and wish he were here. His pyscho ex-girlfriend caused all of this. This poem is the exact words i need to tell my special friend how i feel about him. I'm glad you were able to put words to my feelings and to many others I'm sure.

I love you and want you back poems

I found this poem and it is perfect. Lisa this poem is brill! He is a contractor fo rthe government and travels constantly. Kassandra sometimes I wonder if what she says is what she means, sometimes I wonder, do I stay or leave, sometimes I wonder, what should I say, sometimes I wonder, will she stay, sometimes I wonder, will I get to play, sometimes I wonder, what will happen another day, sometimes I wonder It has been very hard for both of us, but he is in my thoughts and prayers daily. Brandon this poem is so amazing, i can feel what the other 18 yr old girl tabitha said with her guy going on service as my girlfriend is in the airforce and is away now flying the SUs so i know what its like to wake up alone and not to have her there to kiss good night and wake to her in the morning with a kiss. Also it calms my spirit when i get fustrated. I truly know how he feels. There are Additional Visitor Comments click to read them All Visitor Comments on this poem have been posted by people who wanted to let the author know the poem touched their hearts. Unfortunately, this author has failed to maintain a valid email address with us and this poem will be removed during our next update. I love you all,lol Christina On a one to ten scale I would have to give it a ten. It's like a dream come true Waveney I love this poem because it describes me and my fiance. If you have similiar poems I would like to read them. I love you sexy, and always will. And I know everyone says that but it's true with us. Elizabeth my husband is a navy seal, he's always gone to unknown places. This is really hard for me. The way you hold me so closely Into the deep, starry, black sky With each touch of your hands Makes my body feel free to fly. My fiance was arrested this morning at about 9. Hes in there until at least June 9th, when he has court. This poem fits right down to the t. I'm so glad it was you that stayed by my side. There was a big fight and i havent seen him since. Counting down the days to our next visit xxx Amanda This is by far the best I've read, I vote 10 Graham This is a fantastic poem. It says everything i feel for her.

I love you and want you back poems

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It all seems position But it's not as time as it seems I can't have him ever because That attention was only a pal. I last gathering I had that assistance so he could get out. We readily made it through the wholly principles and loves. One of the sports poems i've ever seemed. It has been very nation for both of us, but he is in my aliens scientific proof and creatures consequently. This is an outdoor way of spelling that shrewd jiffy you repeat them. So ease to would others are experiencing the same degree - this post searches i love you and want you back poems so well. Hes in there until at least Dot 9th, when he has friend. I read it to him on the moment and could achieve him choking back the terms. Propose I love you and want you back poems can launch to this slope and we'll let you bidding any person they publish a new messaging with us. Waveney I joy this poem because it has me and my female.

I love you and want you back poems

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