Then flatten the dough with the palm of your hands. If you cook them for too long they will start to lose the pure white color, and the smoothness of the texture. Once toasted and cooled, crush it and combine with the heavy cream. You can roll them in cylinders or in tear drop shape like I did. Next make slits in each one of them to divide them horizontally. You can loosely cover the cheese with one end of the cloth so the surface does not dry out and form a layer of crust. This removes the smell of the curdling agent and also prevents the cheese from getting stiff. Will keep good and fresh for about 4 days.

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Make these in batches as you cook; if too many are rolled and left in the open, the surface dries up and forms a crust and when cooked they will be tough as the crust prevents the syrup from going in. If you cook them for too long they will start to lose the pure white color, and the smoothness of the texture. You may shape them into anything you want. Take out the chilled heavy cream. Out of respect, Vasuki and all snakes were appointed as protectors and guardians of the land. Makes pieces of Malai Chom Chom. To make the cream for stuffing and coating: Place a cheese cloth or a very fine cotton cloth make sure it is big enough as the cheese needs to be wrapped up and tied and hung over a colander or strainer. Set them in a tray. Now add the flavoring if you are using any I used rose water. Mythology[ edit ] Parasurama , surrounded by settlers, commanding Varuna the Hindu God of water to part the seas and reveal Kerala According to Hindu mythology, the lands of Kerala were recovered from the sea by the axe-wielding warrior sage Parasurama , the sixth avatar of Vishnu hence, Kerala is also called Parasurama Kshetram "The Land of Parasurama" [22]. As soon as you see the sugar has dissolved and water has come to a roaring boil, add your first set of the Chom Chom to cook. Garnish with chopped nuts and rose petals if you wish. Set aside seeds of one cardamom. He won the war against the Devas , driving them into exile. Remove the whisked chilled cream from the refrigerator. The syrup got too thick. You can either use a food processor, or knead with hand. The consistency of the cream will thicken a lot and will turn like canned condensed milk. Traditionally grated khoya or solidified milk is used to garnish too. Leave it this way for about an hour to 2 hours. A food processor may be used too. However, the Portuguese suffered setbacks from attacks by Zamorin forces; especially from naval attacks under the leadership Kozhikode admirals known as Kunjali Marakkars , which compelled them to seek a treaty. If your Chom Chom get stiff and not spongy, here are a few reasons that could have caused it: Do not move around them as they are cooking. The way it is done is kneading parts of it away from you towards the outer edge and bringing it back to you and repeating the back and forth motion.

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