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Medical Facilities

Pangi is a very remote area and many parts have no road at all. Snowfalls in winter are very heavy, up to 4 or 5 meters of snow, leading to great isolation and difficulties of all sorts. Also, governmental help never reaches some places of Pangi. Pangi is thus a tremendously isolated and materially backward region. The region as a whole, including five valleys, doesn’t benefit from any medical facilities of any sorts. Therefore, bringing any medical help to Pangi, either very temporarily or as long lasting actions can definitely bring a lot of relief for the local populations.

As temporary actions, the Pangi Drukpa Association would heartedly welcome any volunteers in the medical field, any stock of medicine, etc. A summer medical campaign, visiting each valley, would greatly benefit the communities.

In the long term, some mobile-clinic project could be implemented so as to reach each valley regularly, and some institution could also be built, such as a primary aid clinic, to start with. Also, some basic medical education activities could be implemented. This would enable Pangi people to help themselves during the long winter season, when circulation is completely impossible due to havy snow fall.

A developed medical program could also include the promotion of medicinal herbs and traditional Himalayan healing knowledge. Beside, it is most likely that the Pangi natural environement could offer an excellent place for the development of herbal medicine production.

Any proposition of volunteer in the field of medical help or medical project designing is most welcome.

Sey Rinpoche