I didn't hear the words I could only stare at what she was bringing to bed. My step-daughter went quickly to the adjoining bathroom and closed the door while I panicked. She pulled up the covers, inspected me briefly then lay down beside me. Two days later my step-daughter came over, a little apprehensive but still bold enough to ask me to take her to bed. Mindy eased to her back then pulled on my shoulder to come up over her. She reached between us, gripped my cock then rubbed it up and down the length of her pussy, smearing what little lubrication we shared. I started thinking that doing her this favor was going to be a very pleasant experience. Mindy was warming even more to my attention, I felt fingernails crease the skin of my shoulder. My step daughter wanted a baby, she chose me to impregnate her.

Mindy sex slave from mars

The tension was honey thick around us for the first few minutes until the words were said and the intent was clear. The idiot will never guess and he doesn't want a kid so he'll be happy to divorce me. She stepped to the bed in long hip swinging strides on firm, exercise toned legs. I got the feeling I was the victim of some well planned sexual conspiracy. She pulled up the covers, inspected me briefly then lay down beside me. As the end of my cock slipped into the soft tender trap, she moved her hand then rolled her hips, accepting the full length of my hard packed bone. I acted almost the same way you did when she brought it up but she is serious, she wants you to make her pregnant. She might be a world leader or the first woman on Mars or something great like that. Mindy is 5'7 and slender in body but she has a playboy rack of tits. I asked her about that, why you instead of any number of handsome young studs and she said that you have good genes and she wants that for her child. Read times Rated This beautiful young woman wanted me to fuck her and I wanted to enjoy it as much as possible but her mother was the only woman I'd screwed in 28 years so I knew this would be a quickie. And she is feeling the pressure of her age. I wanted to believe her, I wanted to get naked and in the bed but what if this was some sort of elaborate joke. My cock convulsed and quivered as I delivered semen and sperm to her womb. The conversation was getting very heated and we both knew it was time to step back. I couldn't believe that her husband didn't want her on her back every fucking day. The longer I screwed her the more animated she got. I fell off my girl and rolled to her side. She bowed her back, shifted her legs for a better position and began to rock her hips, fucking me as I fucked her. Did Mindy really tell you all that or is this some sort of perverted fun day for you? After I thought about it I figured she is right, if she had a kid from you, she would be awesome. She put a hand on the back of my head and pulled it down until my lips were caressing the nipple of her left breast. If she is planning to dump his ass that would only complicate things. My step-daughter went quickly to the adjoining bathroom and closed the door while I panicked.

Mindy sex slave from mars

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Mindy sex slave from mars

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