They had a family of five children born to them — Wellington S. Whether under the operation of the law of heredity or not, may not be said, but Judge Brown's political propensity is, like that of his father, toward decentralization of governmental power. They had a family of fourteen children, and five by his first wife, and eight of the last wife's children are now living — Nathaniel, Lydia, Solomon, Polly, Huldah, Adaline, Cyrus F. Jamieson; then, after practicing about two years without a partner, he united his practice with that of Hon. And it is said by the people of his county that George W. William was a son of James and Catharine Stuart, of Ireland, who settled in Sugar Grove in , with six sons and four daughters; two of the sons, William and Robert, served in the War of Two of the sons — William S. Brondage was wounded while in the service of the Union, and now receives a pension, and to-day he is one of the representative men of Pittsfield.

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He is a Democrat, though an independent voter. They have had four children, all of whom are now living. Judge Brown's father was in his earlier days a member of the Republican party as opposed to the Federalists and believers in a strongly centralized government. Brown was born in Crawford county, on April 4, He never takes an active part in politics, but is a staunch Democrat. His farm comprised acres of good land lying on the "Cable Hollow" road, on which his widow still resides. His wife, Marion Delphina Patchen Brown, died 3 years later in and was buried beside her husband in the Youngsville Cemetery. Once there are a few members, we hope to begin to have socials in some public place in Philipsburg. He was a Democrat before the war, but has since changed his political views. This is a discussion list for those in and around Missouri and Kansas interested in polyamory and various forms of responsible non-monogamy. They settled in Brokenstraw township in , and lived there until their death, at a ripe old age, a few years ago. Samantha, widow of Heman. Brown was coroner of the county for three years, and also held other minor offices. During the period beginning with the second quarter of the present century, he became a determined anti-Mason. He was engaged on the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers in the lumber business for forty years, thirty-four of which he acted as pilot. Brown are both unmarried and at the home of their parents. He attended the common schools of Brownsville, took thorough courses of study in the academies at Watertown and Belleville, N. It is surprising, therefore, to find that notwithstanding his politics, unfavorable to the attainment of office in a Republican district and State, he has frequently been placed in positions of great trust and responsibility by the voters of this district. On December 31, , he married Margaret L. Joseph and Allen served through the war. He settled on his present homestead in His religious views are conservative. He then accompanied his father to Brownsville, N. Immediately thereafter he came to Warren, where he at once gained the distinction in local history of being the first teacher in the Warren Academy, a position which he filled most fruitfully for three years. In the lumber and agricultural pursuits he was successful, and at the time of his death, June 15, , was in comfortable circumstances. Brown, the second child, now the partner of his father, married Ida, daughter of Boon Mead, in February, ; and George R.

Northwest ga personals

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Northwest ga personals

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