But before you get too excited, not everyone thinks it works So if you simply. Do you know when the mother of that child was born and when that fetus was conceived? Of course, with one small remark: Do you know why? This special calendar is the Chinese lunisolar calendar, generally referred to as the Chinese lunar calendar, and it is used for centuries in China for traditional purposes.

Prediction chart about babys sex

What our mums said "Mine was right at 12 weeks, the nub was level and at my 20 week scan it was confirmed I am having a girl. For a conception moment between 19 February and 7 February , see the second table below. To the untrained eye all nubs look pretty much the same but some experts say that it's possible to tell the difference between the two sexes. Regarding their duration, in general, the lunar months partially overlap the common months, but they begin and end in various Gregorian dates in various years. So if you simply. This can potentially lead to inaccuracies if a result is given before this point. You can immediately discover the most likely gender of that child, by simply searching a cell in a pretty small table, called Chinese Birth Calendar. The cell that lies at their intersection contains the most probable gender of that baby. Chinese Lunar — Gregorian Conversion Tables for and Okay, enough talking about the special calendar used in the legendary chart. Wait until your week anomaly scan to find out the sex of your baby you'll need to have a word with him or her first because if she or he does an impression of a wiggly worm at the scan, there's no chance of working it out. Even all symptoms were pointing to a boy, I didn't even comprehend it was a girl until I looked at the nub which showed quite clearly a girl! Of course, you can read the steps for baby gender prediction right under this image. I just read about the nub theory, its interesting but i'm not sure i'd trust it till a lot more research had been done on it! Pin Are you curious how to find out the sex of an unborn child using a simple table? As you have probably noticed, this table is very self-explanatory. Do you know why? And we can reveal that…it was! Because this table was created using a special calendar, which differs from the Gregorian one that is utilized by the great majority of people on Earth, especially by those living in the Western hemisphere. For example, for , the lunar year begins on February 8, , and it ends on January 27, So what's the science behind it, how do you do it and does it really work? Did you look at the chart above? So, this is how they appear in the Chinese Gender Chart revealed above. Do you know when the mother of that child was born and when that fetus was conceived? But I'm obviously not getting the hang of it, cause I can't even work out where the nub is on pics! What's the science behind the nub theory?

Prediction chart about babys sex

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Chinese Gender Chart Gender Prediction Test!

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Prediction chart about babys sex

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