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The Sural projects

The Tashi Choling Monastery

Sural present temple built in the 1960’s
(Sural present temple built in the 1960’s).



According to Sey Rinpoche, Sural valley, a lovely valley of Pangi that leads to Zanskar, deserves special attention because it offers an exceptionally inspiring environment. His Eminence says, “I don’t dare to praise too much what I see in Sural as it may induce doubt. I would rather just say, please come and appreciate by yourself!”
The small Sural monastery has been founded by HE Apho Rinpoche in the 60’s. To start with, Sey Rinpoche wishes to renovate and develop the present monastery, and to make the extraordinary natural environment, including some caves in the mountain, available for spiritual hermits and practitioners of the Drukpa lineage.


Sural monastery, the present monks quarter to be renovated and enlarged.
(Sural monastery, the present monks quarter to be renovated and enlarged.)

For the time being, the Sural project comprises four main actions;
- The Temple
Renovation of the old temple. This includes the renovation of the roof and the enlargement of the old temple, along with the creation of an attached gathering hall for the local lay community practice and for Masters to give teaching.
- The monks’ quarter
Restoration of the present monk’s quarters and enlargement to provide residence at least for a total of 20 monks.
- A traditional retreat Center
Building a Three Years Retreat center for the training of monks and advanced practitioners of the Pangi region as a whole. The Pangi Three years Retreat Center would comprise 8 monks’ individual hermitages.
- An open retreat center
Building retreat huts for practitioners of the Drukpa linage in search of a remote and beautifully conducive environment. This retreat center would offer the possibility of short as well as long retreat, and it will be open to both male and female practitioners regardless of origin, nationality, level or type of practice. Everybody is most welcome! That retreat center would comprise 16 retreat huts.

A retreat cave at Sural which can still be improved to facilitate the practice.
A retreat cave at Sural which can still be improved to facilitate the practice.


Sey Rinpoche, together with the local Pangi Drukpa Buddhist Association, is wishing to complete the work, as soon as possible, especially the Temple, since it is the only temple of the whole valley. Later, the monks’ quarter and retreats centers should be taken care of.
2006 :
Creation of the Pangi Buddhist Drukpa Association
2007-8 :
Preliminary discussion, preparatory procedures including first found-rising
The community started some renovation work on the Temple.
Two acres of Land are in the process of being acquired through donation by local farmers (registration is to be done in June 2009).
Application to the government for subsidies for the Drukpa community. (50 000 IRs/ 1000 US$)


In 2009, the global estimation of the approximate cost of the project is
- Main temple renovation and enlargement ; 200 000 US $.
- Three years retreat center ; 10 000 US $ per monks hermitage to be multiplied by eight=80 000 US $
- International retreat huts ;  10 000 US $ per hermitage


Although the local community has enthusiastically started some renovation work in the summer 2009 with local means, founds are still to be raised for the project to be completed..
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