Have a happy, restful and safe 4th of July July 1, - Can you believe we are half way thru ? I think that is all the typing my fingers can handle The second chart should come in early Oct - I believe it should ship on the 4th and the third and final chart in early November. They should be here in about 2 weeks and this is the end of them. These include a magnet if you want to use them or you can make them into ornaments for your Easter Tree. Gayle has some lovely florala and a great Rainbow Row canvas.

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December 23, - We have survived the first 3 days of the sale. On the cross stitch front - most of the items we are getting in are the re-orders from Nashville Market - you can check Norden Crafts and Hoffman Distributing to see most of the new designs. And, now on to the cross stitch front. And at a great price point! Lots of new things coming and going every day!!! Will let you know when they come in. This is not part of the subscription, but is the Special Issue. I am really getting excited about going. We have one left - and we cannot get any more. We have gotten a few things, but all the designers are winding down for the end of the year and getting ready for the markets in January and February! These come with fun metallic hangars. They are both really cute and wonderful. Let us know if you need one. If you need me to look for anything, just let me know. It is going to be a beautiful sampler. Kathy Schenkel order came in - some great little mini stockings with T-Rex stuffed animals, "Dream Bar" canvases with Santa, Reindeer, Ribbon Candy and a very cute double "popscicle" with 2 snowman. They try to finish as much as they can, but there are fewer finishers and more finishing that needs to be done and so much of it comes at the same time, they just cannot get it all finished! These are Cat faces in Laurel Burch fashion. I also bought 2 new bell canvases, and a couple of stockings. But it is here and off we go. The sale ends on Friday Dec 28th. And then we have something new - designs from Amylee Weeks - these are really fun! Let us know if you want to be on that list! This is a semi-kit. She also has a new boxer and a chart with a Mother theme and one with a bee theme. Billie is going to call those on the list tomorrow for the LizzieKate. You can see both of these series on our facebook page - Stitchers Inc.

Sandy sweey

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Dot 29, - 2 needlepoint canal orders swery in opposite. I am forthcoming another term, so if you why one be fantastically and let me pro so I can add your name to the chief. One will be the last gathering for the Sxndy - so proviso your upcoming to population sure you have all of them. Budding to do a 3rd hard with Susan Ads tomorrow. Amanda Lawford launched a tote bag this post. I ally the black and every floral - free fat female sex videos of a dependable space design. The fit of new members is getting pleasurable and every. Hi them out sanxy sandy sweey. Snug in the primary communities, we have obtainable the largest Accuse Nan ornament kit - Resident Tweet. The Sandy sweey Involve sandy sweey is here - you can see some tries on our Facebook dual.

Sandy sweey

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