For Smith, Wild Wild West. Her most famous line in this film was: So maybe the chips never existed? So the moral of the story is, if you're harboring a deep sense of mistrust and resentment for an entire community, chances are your suspicions are absolutely correct. Its comic titles foretold its plot: Either way, it seems almost certain that the film should have ended with a bunch of embarrassed-looking and blood-spattered doctors standing around in an operating theater that looks like the final scene from a Saw sequel, gazing at one another sheepishly and swearing a pact never to mention the whole affair again. Advertisement 6 Inception -- What About Cobol? Evil template Donald Pleasence.

Sex movies with a plot

At that point a team made up of a secret agent, a pilot, a surgeon and his assistant get inside a specially designed submarine, are shrunk to microscopic size and are sent in to remove the blood clot from Benes' head. About midway through the film, Costello negotiates a deal with the Chinese saying they'd better show him the money if they "wanna nuke Taiwan anytime in this century. The other is Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Hey, it's just China -- what are they gonna do about it? Nevertheless, one brother is clearly the king's favorite, and his jealous, more level-headed sibling constantly shoulders the blame for his brother's bullshit. Probably not worth worrying about. As a reward, the king removes the law that forbids his daughter from marrying a commoner, which he could have done in the first place, but apparently he prefers to just trade his daughter for services rendered in lieu of a paycheck. Continue Reading Below Advertisement But eventually the saboteur is caught, the blood clot is cleared, the ship is destroyed by a white blood cell and the crew escape Benes' body through a tear duct with literally seconds to spare before they end up back at full size. The job is successful, he comes back home and he hugs his kids -- whether the whole thing was a dream or not is the subject of another article. That's what really matters. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Why then, when we hear the swell of violins and the triumphant return of the four non-asshole crew members to their normal size, do we not see in the background a shot of Benes' head being stretched to bursting point by the rapidly swelling shape of a nuclear sub? It was the first known film in which a leading actress stripped down to be naked, making her the first nude film star. After a monumental cock-up, the favored brother goes into exile among an alien culture, where he falls in love with a beautiful woman. The original vamp and first movie sex goddess, the full-bosomed Theda Bara, starred in a number of early silents for the Fox Film Corporation - her first lurid, slinky vamp appearance and first lead role was in Fox's melodramatic A Fool There Was , in which she portrayed a worldly, predatory woman who stole a married man away from his wife and child. So maybe the chips never existed? Granted, in Thor it involves a shame speech from their newly awakened father, whereas in The Prince of Egypt it involves the wholesale murder of thousands of children. But the bad guy gets his just deserts, Mark Wahlberg finishes off the rest of the scum, and we can all rest easy, safe in our knowledge that another criminal is off the streets. By Rocco Parascandola Feb 16, 7: After the Ball, Bath with one of the earliest nude scenes in film history. Continue Reading Below Continue Reading Below Advertisement After defeating waves of henchmen, the hero dispatches the villain by exposing it to a magical substance that exists solely for the purpose of the villain's destruction, in an ending that curiously validates and reinforces the detective's bigotry -- the reviled community of metahumans was responsible for both his personal anguish and the murder at the center of the story all along. And the movie just forgets about them. He stands up for her, even though he's drastically outnumbered, but before he is literally murdered in the street for his gallantry, the king's guards show up and reveal that the girl is actually the crown princess of the realm, disguising herself as a commoner to get a taste of how actual people live. Murnau's last film co-scripted with pioneering documentary film-maker Robert J. For Smith, Wild Wild West. We will take literally any excuse to get this picture into an article.

Sex movies with a plot

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Sex movies with a plot

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