Leonard Edmund Shelford, father-in-law of Gwendoline Bomford, was born in and died in , aged He was buried in the Kells Churchyard beside his uncle George Bomford. A unique feature of the products made from this silk is that they are slightly coarse in the beginning, but become soft and smooth after regular use. Paat Silk Mulberry Silk A variant of the Muga silk, Paat is extracted from silkworms that are raised exclusively on the leaves of Mulberry plants hence the name. He was buried in France Appendix G. Madeleine Anne Preston born 24th April However the beast was none the worse and the bridge led them on to a trail which ran along the eastern shore of Lake Manitoba where the going was better. They have one son:

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Gordon died in aged On the second day after leaving the Oakley place they were cut off by a bush fire and had to wait on a previously burnt patch for it to blow away. The loss of their boys badly upset Charlie and Bobbie and they lost interest in Priory Cottage where the tennis court, the river and the shooting brought back too many sad memories; so they sold the place in and settled at Inglenook at Ballywilliamroe near Bagenalstown in Co Carlow. He carries on the family tradition of being an artist having attended both the Chelsea and the Ipswich Art Schools. During the s he gained a place in the reference books for having conducted the first survey of the Persian Gulf. Deed dated , Vol 57, No of 3rd December. Up to that point there had been a few isolated settlements, a Mrs Millar had made them a supply of bannocks to replenish their supply of bread, and at the last settlement they were able to buy food from a Mrs Oakley; nevertheless it was unlikely that they would have gone hungry as there was plenty of game around and Trevor was amazed by the number of large and small fish in the streams; there were so many that they were able to spear them with pitch-forks. During the war Charlie joined the Leinster Regiment and became a Captain; he was badly gassed during the war but recovered fairly well. He had to struggle with navigation as a youth so he must have shown considerable determination to be entrusted with this survey. He was not particularly academic but excelled at sport being Captain of Tennis for three years, and on the 1st XV rugby and the athletics team. Bomford from his Mother, 29th November The sports played at Denstone would have been continued in Meath; cross-country running, often in the form of paper-chases, was a fairly common pastime; most of the larger houses boasted of a cricket pitch and perhaps even a rugby pitch; there was a cricket pitch at Headfort since about and it is still the home of the Meath Cricket Club; most houses had a grass tennis court and there were a number of hockey pitches scattered around. The journey was tough going, the horse buggy was used to scout ahead and pick the best route, but even so the wagons became bogged in mud holes and swamps or muskegs because of the spring thaw of winter snow. She never married and, when her parents died, lived quietly at Dedham in Essex, not too far from East Bergholt from where her famous great-grandfather came. When his grandfather Richard Chaloner died in he inherited Kingsfort provided he took the name of Chaloner. As can be seen the athletic ones were George, John, Charles and Trevor, and, although none disgraced themselves in their education, the brainy ones were Samuel and Charles. Samuel did well at Denstone but was not particularly good at games. George used to talk very happily about his school days and had many tales about Denstone, particularly about the cross-country running; Trevor also spoke happily of his days there and his family still has many of the cups he won. No doubt he was bored and this may account for the family tradition that he died of delirium tremens on 3rd August at Oakley Park at the early age of 36, and was buried at Kells. The tennis court at Priory was much used and the standard of their tennis parties was very high, particularly in the s when their children took part. His fame as an artist was largely because he broke with tradition and introduced a freer and more natural approach, but monetarily to break with tradition was dangerous and it was not until that the Royal Academy only grudgingly admitted him as a full member; indeed it was the French who first acclaimed him publicly in William was a major in the Royal Artillery but has retired. Mention has already been made Between the wars I remember him as a crafty tennis player, but he also played cricket, was a great fisherman spending many hours on the Blackwater behind Priory Cottage, and an excellent shot. Desmond is unmarried and living in England.

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